1969 VW Bay Window Microbus desktop wallpaper

The best laid plans: 1969 VW Bay Window Microbus

It’s funny how plans can change at the drop of a hat.  Take this VW Bay Window Microbus, for example.  When purchased back in 2008 and imported to the UK,…

1962 VW Split Screen Devon Campervan desktop wallpaper

1962 VW Split Screen Devon Campervan

Jason Bond knows a thing or two about massaging old VWs back into shape. Here’s the result of his latest exertion, a 1962 VW Split Screen Devon Campervan

Type 25 Double Cab desktop wallpaper

1989 Type 25 Double Cab

To paraphase a certain well-known saying, all work and no play would make Spencer a dull boy. However, whilst that might be the case for most people when working their…

Bay Window Dormobile desktop wallpaper

1972 VW Bay Window Dormobile Campervan

It was whilst serving abroad in the armed forces that Dale Turner began his VW career, managing to save enough cash to buy a Mk1 Golf GTi Cabrio on his…

1971 VW Bay Window Westfalia Campervan desktop wallpaper

1971 Bay Window Westfalia desktop wallpaper

There’s nothing quite like an original, unrestored Camper and, despite its looks, this ex-Florida 1971 Bay Window Westfalia is nothing like one…

VW Type 25 Westfalia Transporter

VW Type 25 Westfalia Campervan

The Type 25 was sold in the USA from 1980 but, being a country where vehicles have to have proper names, T3 or Type 25 didn’t have the right ring. …