1960 VW Split Screen Panel Van

Dirty Laundry: 1960 VW Split Screen Panel Van

Behind some of the coolest logo’d patina in the UK lurks the perfect family Camper with a fantastic interior. We spill the beans on how it came to be

1967 VW Canterbury Pitt Campervan

Amazing Spaces: 1967 Canterbury Pitt

Mark and Polly bought this ’67 original UK Canterbury Pitt and made the life-changing decision to quit the rat race, sell their home and buy a derelict chapel

VW Type 25 desktop wallpaper

Hybrid Theory: VW Type 25

As the forgotten love child of the VW Transporter empire, this Type 25 draws upon its roots for its radical looks

Fleetline Split Screen Campervan

Fleetline Split Screen Camper

Let’s face it, Campers are all about the interiors, but not everybody’s idea of what they should comprise of is the same

1969 Bay Window Microbus

Faux Show: 1969 Bay Window Microbus

Few things divide opinion like faux patina but, when you live in bonnie Scotland and the end result is as good this, it might be the way to go

1965 VW 21-window Samba

Take your time: 1965 21-window Samba

The first thing most will think when they see a gleaming 21-window Samba like this is the owner must be minted. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.