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Flipped spindles for a VW Split Screen Bus or Campervan

Split Screen flipped spindles

You’ve heard the term, but perhaps you’re not sure what it really means. Here we show you what’s involved in turning stock spindles into flipped spindles

Front drum brake overhaul

Front drum brake overhaul

Standard VW drum brakes are perfectly up to the task of stopping any stock Bus, they just have to be in tip-top condition. Here’s how to ensure yours are with…

Bay Window sliding door repair

Bay Window sliding door repair

It is almost inevitable that your Bay Window sliding door will at some point need a repair. If it’s a UK Bus, that’s a definite. Here’s how to do it…

1968 Doormobile VW Campervan

VW Bus engine basics

The flat four VW engine is a pretty straight forward beast. After all, it did originate in the 1930s, and its design altered little during its extended lifetime. In general,…


Adjusting your VWs tappets

Adjusting the tappets on any air-cooled VW is a relatively straightforward procedure, but it’s one that many people either fear or simply don’t bother doing. Once you’ve got your head…


Check your fan belt

One of our pet hates with technical features is statements like ‘check this or that and adjust if necessary.’ Great if you know what the adjustment should be, but no…

Solex carburettor rebuild

Carburettor overhaul

This is how you go about re-commissioning a stock Solex carburettor. VW used a very similar part right across its air-cooled model range and, while there are numerous variations on…


Setting ignition timing with a strobe

  Ignition timing is somewhat of a tricky subject, not because the act of checking ignition is difficult, but rather because there are just so many variables. To start with,…

The engine can be rotated using a socket on the top pulley.

Static timing

It cannot be emphasised enough how important correct ignition timing is for the VW air-cooled engine, not only in terms of smooth running, but also in relation to engine longevity.…