Camper&Bus August 2011The Summer 2011 issue of VW Camper&Bus is on sale 28th July 2011


Eleven Plus – 1966 Split Screen: A US import with a few useful alterations from stock.

A Lotta Bus!  – 1971 Bay Window: They say everything in life happens for a reason, but we wouldn’t wish what happened to the the Brice Family on anyone although it all worked out for the best in the end.

The family Van – T5: There’s a strong new wave feeling to Pete Bell’s modified T5, which might just be the perfect place to travel.

Worth the weight – 1982 Type 25: Some things in life are meant to be. Every cloud has a silver lining. And other clichés.

Air Bus – 1964 Split Screen: Twin brothers, Mark and Paul Stevens, have the best of both worlds – a killer stance and a magic carpet ride, thanks to their air-ride Split.

The rest:

T4 project Bus: Build a Camper for £3k – preparing the interior for new Camper gubbins
Show report: Big Bang Camper&Bus Show
Camper scene: The latest from the Bus scene
Back to mine: Guided tour of a readers Bus
Show Us Yours: Our readers’ rides
Viewpoint: Have your say
Weekend Away (Weekend jaunts in your Camper vans): A haunted Victorian fort, some cheap booze, homemade cakes and not enough firewood…
Where to camp: Pennance Mill Farm
Road Trip: Two parter – 207 days, 15,685 km, one clutch, one accelerator cable, one fire, one flood, eight mechanics and a tow truck. This is going to be good…
Shop tour: O’Connors Campers
Hans Klapp’s Bus History
Trinket Pimp: Accesories that float your boat
Bargain Bus Hunter: Looking at buying a Bay Window Westy.