Camper&Bus April 2013The April 2013 issue of VW Camper&Bus is on sale Thursday 7th March 2013


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Top Hat and tailpipes – Bay Window: When you’re daily driver Bentley isn’t enough, there’s only one thing to do – build your dream Bay Window Camper.

Air quality – Split Window: Air isn’t just breathing! Compress it, bung it in your suspension and drop it when you stop for the ultimate blend of low and go.

High Adventure – Bay Window Adventurewagen: Some say the Adventurewagen was the best Camper conversion ever made. After researching them a little further, it’s hard not to agree.

A hoard days night – Bay Window: Most compulsive hoarders keep trash in their yard, but this ’72 Westy is a true case of one man’s junk being another man’s treasure.

All rounder – T4: A cruiser, a Camper and a trophy winner all rolled into one. And to think Chris Tranter didn’t even want to own a VW Van!

Putting the boot in – Split Screen: A novel marketing exercise provides an excellent learning opportunity.

Road Trip – North Europe via Type 25: 1 old Bus, 2 months, 7 countries and 10 campsites made for 1 truly memorable road trip.

Shop tour – Bebb Products: Leading the way in Campervan safety, this company is making waves in the VW scene, for all the right reasons.

The rest:

Camperscene: What’s going on in the world of Camper and Buses.
Viewpoint: From Zeds to sheds, here’s your month in letters.
Show Us Yours: A chauffeur, a cake, a newborn baby and a mid-life crisis. Here are your wheels in print.
Back to mine: This month we look at Stephen and Cheryl Dineen’s bright and cheerful Bay.
Hans Klapp’s Know your Campers: This month, our Shar-Pei in a man costume embarks on a spot of unbridled hero worship.
How to: Split Bus roof repair – Discovering gutter rot on your VW can reduce a grown man, or woman, to tears. Here’s how to put an end to the blubbing.
Meals in wheels: Cocido Madrileno
Trinket Pimp: Casting a wry, monocled eye over the VW accessories that floateth your boat, the Pimp sees all but judges not…